Jonjon Excited

JonjonUzumaki gets excited about his Special Edition JonJon HvK Jersey

JonJonUzumaki sees his…

new Havok jersey for the first time.

Jonjonuzumaki Havok eSports Jersey

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There’s nothing like watching people get excited about the custom gear they get designed and made from Maxt Sportwear! Continuing our long and growing relationship with Havok eSports, we’ve designed the ‘JonJon Edition’ Avatar eSports jersey in Jonjonuzumaki’s signature orange colors!

While playing some Super Smash Bros. he saw the design for the first time. “It’s the JonJon Special Edition for Havok. If you want a limited edition JonJon Havok special version you’re gonna have to come through me!” he told his Twitch audience while he was geeking out about the design. Immediately PopaXan type in the chat, “I’ll buy three.” We love the excitement!

Havok eSportsJon keeps on going, “Bill Gates is gonna be like, “Hey, I’m coming in and I’m gonna buy your jersey out.” I said, “How much?” He says, “A million bucks.”
“I tell him hey kid get outta here, I’m looking for bigger game.””
Then he gives our designers the biggest compliment. “I’m so excited. That’s so sick. Whoever made that is a bad ass. Hearts” Hearts back to you, Jon.

Watch his response on Twitch below:

And there’s more. He keeps on going and even gives the guys a peek of the jersey design. “It’s so sick. It’s so nice. Guys, lemme show you real quick’ He switches his screen over and drags the image of the jersey into the chat box so they can see a preview.

Sliding the preview image of the jersey over he finally sees the back in detail. “On the right it says JonJon…mmm…so good. I’m so down, bro. That thing is friggin’ nice.”

Here’s that video below:

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I’m sure you’re as excited for JonJon as we are! Now go follow his Twitch channel at #EmbraceTheHavok

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