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Paintball Ladies NXL

Paintball Ladies stormed onto the field…

at the 2018 NXL World Cup with a group of gals, most of whom have never met each other before that weekend. They fought hard and fell short on the field, but off the field bonds were formed and a vision for 2019 was born.

The Instagram page @paintballladies was started in an effort to show off female athletes in the sport of paintball. Women can be sexy, but in a male-dominated sport they’re not always taken seriously. He wanted to find the ladies of paintball that took the sport seriously and wanted to compete. Originally there was no idea of forming a team, but once the popularity of the page took off it was a natural progression.

Cherie Richter of Kyle, TX was one of the ladies that spearheaded the formation of a consistent roster for this season. She wanted to play NXL events, and her local team wasn’t planning on playing them. Paintball Ladies gave her an opportunity to do that as well as showcase an all-female roster that took winning seriously.

All of the girls from the original roster, Reyna Garcia, Lauren Salinas, Cyndi Lee Strom, Brooke Szigeti and Briane Remy stayed on for the season. Several other talented women signed on including Laura Parcells and Hailey Leyva to play at the local, and national level.

Keep an eye out for the girls at the 2019 NXL World Cup in XBall and in 10-man! If you want your own Paintball Ladies gear to support and represent women in the sport of paintball, visit our online shop section at:

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